Left VDU (Video Display Unit): On the left VDU is a profile of your fighter, showing your ship's status.
You can cycle through screens displaying damage your ship has taken. Damaged systems appear in a different color, along with a description of the system.
You can change your ship's active gun, if you have more than one to choose from. The "Full Funs" option fires all guns at once.
You can also change your active weapon delivery system (missiles or mines), if you have more than one to choose from.
Right VDU (Video Display Unit): The right VDU has several functions: Here, you can display the Targeting Screen, which indicates the status

of the ship you are currently targeting. This screen appears automatically when you fire your ship's guns or when you select the targeting feature.
In addition, you can display range information when navigation mode is active.
Finally, the right VDU functions as a Communication Screen, showing both your communications options and, on some systems, incoming video from other ships when they talk to you. See In-Flight Systems and your Reference Card for details.

Armor and Shields Indicator: Small bars on this screen indicate the status of your ship's armor and shields. These bars disappear as armor and shields take damage. Shields gradually regenerate unless the shield generator