Dakhath, whose name translates literally as Deathstroke, is one of the most dangerous pilots alive. According to our (incomplete) records, he has 55+ confirmed kills on file. He pilots a Dralthi-Class Medium Fighter.
Strengths: Dakhath appears to be utterly without fear. He never retreats from an engagement until every enemy within 1,000 klicks is destroyed, and will not abandon a wounded enemy until that enemy is destroyed. This courage and lack of self-preservation instincts make him particularly dangerous. So does his apparent affection for inflicting pain.
Weaknesses: Dakhath lives only to kill and will not retreat or change targets until his first target is dead. If at all possible, use his single-mindedness against him... if only by leading him away from a strategically-important target so that he can concentrate on you.
Tactics: Dakhath launches his missiles at maximum range (he appears to like explosions), then closes for the kill on one target. He will cling to that target until he destroys it, then choose another, as methodical as clock circuits.
Recommendation: It might be possible to lead him into the path of fire friendly to you, and is equally possible that he won't notice new pursuit on him until it's too late. (Important Note: If your ship takes a lot of damage and looks shaky, do not eject if you're in the vacinity of Dakhath. One of his hobbies is target practice against ejecting pilots.)

Know Your Performance Service Ribbons

Earn one of these and you'll know you're one of the elite pilots in the Terran Confederation Navy, Clockwise, from upper left:

Ace: Awarded for five confirmed kills.
Ace of Aces: Awarded for 25 confirmed kills.
5-. 10-. 15-Mission Ribbons: Earned after completing indicated number of missions.