Bakhtosh Redclaw is a rash on the comm units; he is best-known for extremely sarcastic gloating during combat engagements. It appears that he belongs to an aristocratic Kilrathi family and has been trained in the politics of superiority from birth. He flies a Jalthi-Class Heavy Fighter.
Strengths: Bakhtosh is the best Kilrathi shot in Vega Sector, bar none. His accuracy with ship's guns is becoming legendary even among Terran pilots, which is another strength: Some Terrans feel intimidated when confronting the legendary Bakhtosh, and conseqquently their flying suffers. Additionally, he is a master of the crowning insult, the patronizing remark, and the racial slur. He often goads Terran fighters into bad tactical errors.
Weaknesses: Bakhtosh's piloting is nothing special. Like one legendary figure of Terran combat aviation, the Red Baron, he is an excellent marksman but a mediocre flier. Additionally, his insults and better-than-thou attitude are not a pose; he believes himself to be superior to all Kilrathi as well as all humans.
Tactics: Bakhtosh prefers to fire at a distance. He will get at the maximum effective range for his weapons and chew his target to pieces. The extra distance allows him a little time to cope with the maneuvers of superior fliers. If forced to close with a foe, he will launch one of this missiles.
Recommendation: Close, firing continuously, then try to outfly him in standard fashion. Do not be daunted by his substantial reputation.

Know Your Graduation Service Ribbons

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