Best-known among the Kilrathi aces is Bhurak, called Bhurak Starkiller. He is regarded as the best living pilot among the Kilrathi in this sector. He flies a Salthi-Class Light Fighter.
Strengths: Bhurak's an excellent pilot and shot. He has optimal reflexes and there are no serious weaknesses to be detected in his flying style.
Weaknesses: Psych profiles indicate that Bhurak is probably addicted to speed, thrills, and sport. Though a courageous pilot, he is not without a survival instinct: A sufficient number of opponenets or a sudden turn in fortune could panic him into retreat.
Tactics: Bhurak likes the dogfight. He prefers a maneuverable foe and standard dogfight tactics. He almost always uses his ship's laser cannon, reserving his standard dumb-fire missile for stationary targets.
Recommendation: If possible, put several pilots on him at once; deny him a fair fight or anything he would consider fun. He might become disgruntled and choose another target, or rout. If you're forced into single combat with him, don't try to outfly him: You might do best by going stationary, spinning to keep him in your sights, and trading licks. He doesn't appear to consider that fun and may choose a new objective.

Khajja the Fang is not-so-affectionately called "the Machine" by Terran intelligence. He is the most efficient, mission-oriented pilot the Kilrathi have. He pilots a Krant-Class Medium Fighter.
Strengths: Khajja's greatest asset is his clear thinking. He never panics or falters and appears to have utter confidence in his wingmen. He is not vulnerable to taunts, goads, or insults
Weaknesses: Khajja's faith in his wingmen may be misplaced. Analysis indicates that some Kilrathi pilots may be afraid of him. He will single-mindedly ignore incoming ships in order to concentrate on a strike objective, meaning that he might ignore you.
Tactics: Khajja prefers straight-in, straight-out strafing approaches. He uses his laser cannon for most encounters, saves his heat-seekers for mission objectives or particularly troublesome enemies, and saves his friend or foe missiles for emergencies.
Recommendation: If he's approaching a mission objective, you might get a free shot by eluding his wingmen. If he's moving in on you, utilize classic dogfight tactics: Try to outfly and outshoot him, or lead him toward unengaged friendlies. He doesn't like bad odds.