1. Form on My Wing -Return to formation and follow your vessel.
  2. Return to Base - A command instructing your wingman to return to the Tiger's Claw immediately. Note: If obeyed, your wingman will not be available to you for the duration of this mission.
  3. Help Me Out Here - A command to your wingmen to engage the enemy attacking you.
  4. Attack My Target - A command telling your wingman to engage the enemy you have currently targeted. This is the only way your wingman will attack an enemy capital ship.
  5. Keep Radio Silence - Prevents your wingman from talking to you until a "Broadcast Freely" is sent.
  6. Broadcast Freely - Allows your wingman to talk to you; negates "Keep Radio Silence."
  7. Never Mind - Disregard communication
Activate Communications when you have an enemy ship targeted and a menu of taunts appears. Select one of these and your insult is sent to the target.
Tactical Tip: Taunts sometimes attract enemy ships to you, drawing fire away from a ship you're protecting or, perhaps, saving a wingman whose ship has been damaged.

Once your mission is done, head back to the Tiger's Claw. When you are ready to land, target the Claw, approach from the front of the carrier, and use the Communications system to signal the ship's traffic control officer to "Request Landing." If you have met any of the following conditions, the Claw
will clear you for landing and your ship's in-flight computer will initiate the suto-landing sequence when you get close enough to land. You must have accomplished one of the following:
  1. traveled to any Nav point
  2. achieved any mission objective
  3. killed at least one enemy ship.
If your ship is heavily damaged, you will be granted emergency clearance. If there are any active enemy vessels in the same area of space as the Tiger's Claw, however, you cannot land until they are destroyed or have been routed.
Landing takes you back to the hangar, where you can see what damage your ship has sustained. From the hangar, you go to a debriefing where your performance during the mission is evaluated, and every significant mistake or achievement is noted by Colonel Halcyon. Afterward, if you've done anything particularly notable, you're taken to the Colonel's office for congratulations or a chewing-out.

The Campaign
As mentioned earlier, each campaign has its own plot and conclusion. Each series of missions you fly - and whether or not you're victorious - affects the Confederation's chances for ultimate victory in the Vega Sector.
After several missions, you'll be presented with Campaign Progress Screens, story updates which describe what's happening in the war. Do badly, and the forces of the Terran Confederation take a beating. Do well and Terran forces prevail. Do very well, and you may be responsible for Confederation victory in the Vega Sector.