News from the Terran Confederation Armed Forces CommNet

TCSO Show Scheduled

(Tiger's Claw, TCAFCN) - There's good news for servicemen aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw: The TCSO (Terran Confederation Service Organization) will send an entertainment unit to the much-decorated carrier as early as next month.
The TCSO troupe includes dancers (normal and zero-g), singers, comedians, and the Confederation's best cyberlink illusionists.
Vidstar Saranya Carr, exotic heroine of the popular Luna Jones, JumpScout serial, is accompanying the TCSO troupe to the Tiger's Claw. Carr, 25, stated, "You bet your life I'm happy to be working with the TCSO. I mean, you see Luna Jones blowing Kilrathi fuzzies out of space every week, but Saranya Carr doesn't know a nav computer from a dialogue transceiver. Since I can't help our fighting forces directly, I'm proud to be able to entertain and build morale. Besides," she adds, "I'm not completely unselfish. Perhaps I can persuade someone to give me a ride in one of those new Rapiers..."

News From Earth (Sol III)

(New York, North American States, Terran News Services) - On 2654.080, representatives of the Committee for Interaction with Alien Intelligences announced contact with a new alien race.
CIAI spokesman Iola Jonson made the following statement: "The CIAI regularly launches unmanned probes to uncharted jump-spheres; these probes contain our most sophisticated translation and interpretation equipment. Eight days ago, Probe Number H227 reappeared in a Terran jump-point carrying data and artifacts from a species we are currently referring to as the Double Helix.
From the information we have so far been able to interpret from H227's records, the Double Helix are a sentient race possessing space travel, and we are not ruling out the possibility they possess FTL drive technology. Physically, they appear to be carbon-based arthropods which communicate through scents and pheromones. Their name is derived from the double-helix shape of their spacecraft."
World Science Federation officials believe this to be the most significant contact with an alien species since the discovery of the Kilrathi, and hope that contact will remain friendly.

Tiger's Claw Promotions

To Lieutenant: S.E. (Broadway) Sarasin
To Captain: Fatima (Cymbals) Haroud

Tiger's Claw Awards

Ace: 2nd Lt. Todd (Maniac) Marshall
Bronze Star Captain Jeannette (Angel) Devereaux
10-Mission Ribbon 1st Lt. Tanaka (Spirit) Mariko