Joan's Fighting Spacecraft
Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092

This is the latest update for Joan's Fighting Spacecraft, specifically revised for Terran personnel in the Vega Sector. This supplement contains the latest specifications on both Terran and Kilrathi spacecraft, particularly the types of craft most commonly encountered in this sector.
All servicemen are urged to familiarize themselves with these specifications.
Computer files of this material are available in the ship's library, at
Here is a quick guide for those of you unfamiliar with the Joan's system of evaluation:

Maximum Velocity/Cruise Velocity
These are the settings to which a ship's speed-governors are set. This is always a relative velocity; a ship's computer sets it relative to (a) the flagship, (b) an escorted vessel, (c) a nearby planetary body, (d) a Confederation beacon, or (e) a value derived from radar positions of all visible ships. The velocity is expressed in kilometers per second.

This shows the Joan's evaluation of the ship's acceleration rate, described as "Bad," "Poor," "Average," "Good," or "Excellent."

Maximum Yaw, Pitch, and Roll
These characteristics are expressed in degrees per second (dps).

Ship's Armor
Joan's evaluation of a ship's defensive armor is expressed in centimeters thickness of Durasteel. Fore and Aft Shield values are given in values equivalent to centimeters thickness of Durasteel.